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7th Grade Science
7th Grade Science is going great! A slide show of fun is attached and be sure to log in to Google classroom to find helps and more information.

Purvis Middle OUTDOOR Classroom Project information!

over 3 years ago

Dear Parents and friends of Purvis Middle School,

I am the 7th grade science teacher at Purvis Middle and am working this year to complete an outdoor classroom for our school. I have been awarded a grant from the Mississippi State Conservation Association. However, this is a large project and we can make our outdoor classroom even better if we get some items donated (like old tires/ aquarium tanks/ wood/ cinder blocks/dirt/ straw etc.) I have added  some example pictures of what we are looking to build on my school webpage.

If you have any of the items listed above that you would be willing to donate or other items you think would add to our outdoor classroom, please contact me through email. Also, if you are skilled in carpentry, gardening  or just would like to lend a hand one Saturday, please contact me as well.  Our science club will be helping out but we will need some adults to assist them.

This will be a great addition to our school. I think all of our students will be able to enjoy this outside space for learning. Thank you for supporting our school. We have a great student body and that is a direct reflection of our wonderful parents and community .

Thank you,

Lisa Browning

Purvis Middle 7th Science Teacher

Purvis Middle  OUTDOOR Classroom Project information!!

II. Project Title: Purvis Middle School Interactive Outdoor Classroom

III. Brief Summary:

Purvis Middle School has an area between two buildings that is currently not being used. This area has a very small gazebo but it is too small to be useful to a whole class. The dream for this project is to create a space that will inspire and challenge students to take learning to a new level by providing a space to make learning come alive.

IV.  Goals and Objectives:

An outdoor classroom will provide a variety of areas to challenge students to experiment, explore and interact with nature. This outdoor classroom will allow teachers in all disciplines to be creative in planning and implementing lessons that meet the state standards.

V. Project Plan:

  1. 1.Create a whole group discussion area with a whiteboard/chalkboard. Use cinder blocks and boards to allow this area to be moveable and flexible. Sail shades will also be used for shade.

           2.Create small group areas using six picnic tables and a spider net.


3. Create areas for various projects -             3 aquaponics fish/plants system

                   ( using recycled materials)                      1 bug house

                                                                                   1 worm hotel

                                                                                   1 living wall ecosystem/gardens

                                                                                   1 small green house

                                                                                   1 compost box

                                                                                   1 small frog pond/ water qualities studies

                                                                                   4 small flowerbeds or  

                                                                                      earthbox  for edible garden ,soil studies

                                                                                                                       Butterfly garden/

                                                                                                                       Pollinator studies

B. Partnership  Involved:  Lamar County SWCD, Purvis Middle Science Club, Parent Volunteers

C.Administration and Staffing. Frank Bunnell- Principal

                                                Martha Smith -Vice Principal

                                                John Monroe-Manager, Lamar County SWCD

                                                Lisa Browning-Teacher





D.Visibility and Impact- Purvis Middle serves approximately 400 students. This in turn will impact many families in our community. The projects our students do will encourage and inspire many of these families to get involved in our local soil and water conservation programs.

VI. Project Budget:

    Picnic tables from Lowes:              6  @  $ 100 each                                         600.00

    Cinder blocks-                              18  @ 1.41                         ( seating area )     25.38

                                                         12 @  1.41                          (shelf  system)     16.92


     Wire shelf-                                    1@  $ 22.98                                                   22.98                    


     Sail shade                                    2@  30                                                           60.00  

     Pressure treated wood beams  18 @ 5.00                                                         90.00

     Aquaponics kit                             2 @ 300                                                         600.00                       

     Lattis                                            2 @ 28.48                ( living wall )                     56.96                                                

     Lumber( 4x4post)                      15 @ 12.37   (lattis /sails/worms etc.)               185.55

     Topsoil                                         3@100                                                             300.00

     Plants                                      various                                                                 300.00

    Water hose                                  2@ 40                                                                80.00

    Garden tools                              10 @ 10                                                             100.00

    Rocks                                        40@ 2.88                                                           115.20

    Steel Exterior Door                     1@500    Connect w/inside classroom            400.00

    Greenhouse                                1@ 300                                                            300.00

    White Board                                1@100                                                             100.00

                                                                                                          Total:           3,352.01

** This is the Dream List and pictures include projects I hope to get donated